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Lymphatic Treatments

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"I have been to several facilities that help women with lymphedema but none has been as successful as Christine.  Her brushing technique is easy for anyone to follow and keeps the swelling down. " ~Rose


Self-Help for Lymphatic Care

Are you experiencing lymphatic issues such as congestion, bloating, swelling or lymphedema after lymph node removal? Skin Brushing is an easy solution for boosting your lymph flow and immune system and helping control lymphedema. My Skin Brushing videos include step-by-step instructions & education on how improving lymph flow empowers you to improve your own quality of health.



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Lymphedema Care & Medical Massage


As a certified lymphatic drainage therapist having practiced in three hospitals, I can help demystify the swelling caused by lymph node removal and cancer treatment and reduce uncomfortable bloating, fullness, tingling and numbness. My heartfelt approach is to help you learn and integrate self-help techniques for improving your condition, while providing a medical massage. I‘ve practiced the Vodder technique for manual lymph drainage, for over 20 years which includes Lymphatic Drainage, certified compression therapy and follow-up exercise. You can make an appointment with me at the Sari Asher Center or call for a consultation.


Lymphatic Health
& Massage

Young Living Essential Oils

I use essential oils in most treatments and for self care because of their medicinal properties and to bring harmony and balance.


If you'd like to learn more about the therapeutic impact of using and working with essential oils, or if you'd like to experience an aromatherapy raindrop treatment, contact me.


If you are interested in purchasing Young Living Essential Oils as a preferred customer or distributor from Young Living,  you can visit this Young Living Member SignUp page.


Essential Oils

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"Through her experience, love of her craft and incredible compassion, Chris was able to not only halt the progression of the lymphedema, but to reverse the condition as well." ~Stuart

Lymphatic Drainage ~ Vodder Certified

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle hands-on massage for boosting your lymphatics and immune system. It can help you feel better with the symptoms of the common cold or sore throat, help with detoxification, and improve general well-being.

Intuitive Massage

I care about your body... and how you feel in your body. When you come for an intuitive massage treatment with me, it's more than simply a therapeutic session -- a sacred space is offered for deep healing of your body and soul.  Insights are shared to catalyze restorative energy while I tune into a highly customized hands-on and meditative treatment just for you. My focus is on feeling the deeper layers of relaxing and unwinding so that you can leave feeling centered and embodied.   A treatment session can include, exclusively or a blend, any of the following modalities: therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, energy work, hydro and thallasotherapies, and reflexology.

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When women come to me for help with swelling issues after cancer treatment, I can feel how much they are trying to cope with – a changed body, an altered self image, fear about what may come next and how it is already impacting their relationships – and my heart wants to reach out and be there with you and hopefully help simplify some of the post surgery side effects and trauma.


For years, I have had patients refer to me as the Lymph Lady. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional. If you are curious about how your lymph affects your wellbeing or concerned about lymphedema and an arm-at-risk, talk with the Lymph Lady on Facebook!

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